Return to Southmoor...via the Shadowfel

Session 1, Character Worksheets

The players found out that they will be beginning the game together on a river raft, working it, but not liking it. 

Here's what was established in Session 1:

The characters once served at the Outpost in one capacity or other. Currently, however, they work for the Raftman.

Our heroes, in alphabetical order:


Agresiv ~ Warforged Fighter

  • Resolv was a fellow Warforged who was manufactured and deployed at the same time as Agresiv – a companion he dearly misses. 
  • The concept of unconsciousness concerns him. 
  • At the Lost Village Agresiv knows a young Dwarf soldier, Sasert Paul, who taught him some basic skills at the Outpost before resigning a year later. 
  • Agresiv likes to keep a certain child’s toy always on his person.  It’s a reminder of a failed mission in which he was supposed to track down a young missing girl four years ago.


Brok ~ Bugbear Rogue

  • The rest of the party knows that Brok is truly good, but the rest of the world mostly views him as an evil out-sider. 
  • Although accepted by Ghesh, he still longs for a place to belong. 
  • The mere idea of imprisonment is enough to fill him with dread.


Mana ~ Human Shaman

  • Mana was forced to drink an amnesiac potion and exiled from his multi-racial tribe for breaking a tribal taboo, which he cannot remember…
  • Prior to being at the Outpost, Mana didn’t know how to handle his uncanny connection with the spirit world until Ghesh mentored him.  The truth is, he hates spirits but works with them because he’s good at it.  Sometimes, when he’s really angry he’ll even fight with his own spirit companion, but no one knows about this.
  • He has fond memories of a hazel-eyed woman but is unable to remember anything more.  Although, he dreams of seeing her in the midst of a snow storm while a group of violent voices pull them apart.
  • Mana fears closed-in spaces.
  • He happens to know Dug, the half-orc rat catcher in the Lost Village.


Noorwyn of the Fey ~ Gnome Bard

  • A very creative Gnome, Noorwyn loves to play his tin whistle.
  • Noorwyn is tired of being in the same place for too long; he yearns for adventure to satiate his wander-lust.
  • He’s a strong leader, though cunning and has been a trusted counsellor for many a soldier already in his short career (no pun intended).
  • He originally arrived at the Outpost at the behest of one called Noora, who entertained at the Topsy Tavern, where Noorwyn also worked at the time.
  • Noorwyn has an almost uncontrollable repulsion for other people’s phlegm.
  • He has developed a keen taste for kingswater urchins, a rare fruit that grows in the sea.
  • In the Lost Village, Noorwyn knows the beautiful serving girl, Looras, at the Hole In The Water Inn.
  • Ghesh Gozer was Noorwyn’s Mentor in leadership, grooming him to inherit his Mentor’s gorget upon his death.

The NPCs 

Ghesh Gozer, the Mentor ~ Dragonborn Paladin

A Paladin of Melora and deeply spiritual, Ghesh Gozer is the former Mentor of the PCs at the Outpost. 

The Mentor of PCs is wise, experienced, generally loved and trusted. He is well known for always wearing a gorget.  (A crescent-shaped ornament worn on a chain around the neck as a badge of rank representing Dragonborn heritage.)  No one recalls ever having seen him without it. The gorget is inlaid with four metals: gold, silver, copper and steel. On the back of the gorget there is a dedication inscribed to Melora. As a knight of Melora, he had special interest in and learned some knowledge of nature. 

To Agresiv, Gozer was his owner for a period of five years, after which he earned his freedom.  Agresiv always respected his noble demeanour.  Sleepless, Agresiv was often assigned to watch duty.  He also served as one of the primary defenders of the Outpost.

To Brok, Gozer was his captor who gave him a chance to prove his loyalty to the civilized races.  Brok is outcast from the goblinoid tribes, having mortally betrayed them.  At the Outpost he was a soldier and guard.  Brok's feelings of gratitude to his Mentor border on indebtedness; he holds Ghesh Gozer in the highest regard.  However, he was lured away from the Outpost by the lies of Durgan and now he fears to return, believing that those remaining at the Outpost now consider Brok to be a deserter.

To Mana, Gozer was his Mentor in the primal spirits under Melora's domain.  The Mentor's knowledge of the primal spirits within nature nurtured Mana in his shamanism.  Mana worked as the stable-hand at the Outpost.  Also ambassador/sacrifice to Fey spirit denizens.

To Noorwyn of the Fey, Gozer was a trusted friend and confidant.  Alongside his soldiering duties, Noorwyn entertained the other soldiers at the Outpost for two years.


Durgan “Skunk,” the Raftman ~ Shifter

A drunk and a jerk, he always wears the same leather clothes. His b.o. is offensive.

Skunk is the current employer of the PCs. Respected, but not well liked. He has floated his raft down the river from towards the Lost Village with the PCs as crew. The Blackwater Cat is the name of his raft.

Brok is employed as Skunk’s scout. But he learned that Durgan lied to him and Durgan's blatant racism towards Brok is finally about to drive him away.

Noorwyn the Fey is employed as his watchman. But after seeing Durgan's animal behaviour in the Topsy Tavern where Noorwyn used to work, he has grown disgusted with his employer.

Mana fishes for the crew of the raft.  He also communicates with the river spirits and water Fey.  Durgan lured him into his employ with the promise of telling Mana about his forgotten past. Suffering from amnesia, Mana believed him.  But now he grows suspicious that all Durgan told him were lies.

Agresive is Durgan's guard and also does equipment maintenance.  Agresiv finds the work rather boring and his employer repulsive.  He lost in a wager of cards with Skunk and feels cheated.


Gordie Ostran “The Lucky,” ~ retired Halfling Ranger

Now owner-operator of the Hole In The Water Inn.

A former adventurer, the Halfling Ranger that runs the Hole on the Water Inn retired from adventuring some time ago. Rumour has it that it was after a particularly bad quest that ended very badly. He doesn't talk about it. 

He walks with a pronounced limp.


Brief glossary:

The Outpost is a hardened fort set on the northern edge of the Lost Bog in the Southmoor. It is there primarily to defend against creatures and pirates coming into the Southmoor from the Sea. At the Outpost, all the PCs had a relationship with the Mentor. There are a number of Outposts along the northern edge of the Lost Bog, next to the Sea. The PCs were at the oldest, "main" outpost.

The Blackwater Cat is a medium-sized river raft made of wooden logs, with a large central shelter. There is tarpaulin-covered cargo all over the raft, even strapped on top of the shelter.

The Southmoor is a large region of rolling hills, cold wind, and peat bogs, known for it's mysteriously high gold content. The southern half of Southmoor is taken up by the Lost Bog. The Lost Bog The largest bog in the Northmoor, it is a vast region of semi-solid land, sodden and dark. Although there is a lot of gold to be found amongst the peat, many prospectors never come back. A thousand years ago when the world was warmer, it was the primary seat of the Old People.

The Old People are an ancient race that once inhabited the Northmoor area. Not much is known about them, although most suspect that the gold that is found in the Lost Bog is actually actifacts from their civilization.

The Lost Village is a vibrant community of prospectors, adventure seekers, and farmers who live life on the very edge of the dangerous Lost Bog. A popular entertainment spot there is the seasonally docked Hole on the Water Inn.

The Hole on the Water Inn is a large, multi-tiered raft with a rooftop bar that is a popular party spot for folks working the river, as well as prospectors of the bog. It is run by the Ranger.



Didn’t Brok mention a Halfling trader who knew of before he was exiled from his tribe?

Session 1, Character Worksheets

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