The Mentor, Ghesh Gozer

The Mentor of the PCs from the Outpost


The Dragonborn Paladin of Melora, Ghesh Gozer is the former Mentor of the PCs at the Outpost. 

The Mentor of PCs is wise, experienced, generally loved and trusted. He is well known for always wearing a gorget of office representing Dragonborn heritage. No one recalls ever having seen him without it. The gorget is inlaid with four metals: gold, silver, copper and steel. On the back of the gorget there is a dedication inscribed to Melora. As a knight of Melora, he had special interest in and learned some knowledge of nature. 

To Agresive, Gozer was his owner for a period of five years. 

To Brok, Gozer was his captor who gave him a chance to prove his loyalty to the civilized races. Brok's feelings of gratitude to his Mentor border on indebtedness. 

To Mana, Gozer was his Mentor in the spirits under Melora's domain. The Mentor's knowledge of the spirit within nature nurtured Mana in his shamanism. 

To Noorwyn of the Fey, Gozer was a trusted friend and confidant.

The Mentor, Ghesh Gozer

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