The Raftman, Durgan, AKA "Skunk"

A drunk and a jerk, he always wears the same leather clothes. His b.o. is offensive.


The Raftman: Current employer of the PCs. Respected, but not well liked. He has floated his raft down the river from towards the Lost Village with the PCs as crew. The Blackwater Cat is the name of his raft.

Brok is employed as his scout. But he learned that Durgan lied to him and Durgan's blatant racism towards Brok is finally about to drive him away.

Noorwyn the Fey is employed as his watchman. But after seeing Durgan's animal behaviour in the Topsy Tavern where Noorwyn used to work, he has grown disgusted with his employer.

Mana fishes for the crew of the raft.  Durgan lured him into his employ with stories of Mana's past. Suffering from amnesia, Mana believed him.  But now he grows suspicious that all Durgan told him were lies.

Agresive is Durgan's guard and also does equipment maintenance. He lost in a wager of cards with Durgan and feels cheated.

The Raftman, Durgan, AKA "Skunk"

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