Return to Southmoor...via the Shadowfel

Session 17 ~ The Chief & The Titan

  • The adventurers pushed on. They entered the chambers of the Hobgoblin War Chief, but before they could advance into the main room, an iron portcullis dropped, blocking their way. With some effort, Aggressive mangled the gate and shoved it back up towards the ceiling to open the way.


  • The hobgoblins then burst through the doors, trying to ambush them. The party overcame the monsters without much ado. They found some treasure and an old diary.


Sgt. Rose’s diary in the War Chief’s room contains a few bits of pertinent information:


Dated one week ago: 

Saw a tiefling woman crossing the bog, but when I tried to follow she disappeared, and I certainly wasn’t going to risk going deeper into that old bog myself. Captain Gozer spoke of a tiefling woman sometimes – Amara, I think? I wonder if there’s a connection…


  • Then the group headed down the dark passage, deeper into the bowels of the Keep.


  • Aggressive and Garth entered a large, dark room, lit from behind them by Noorwyn’s sunrod. In the centre of the room stood a life-size titan statue with an out-stretched sword. They tripped a trap (the titanic statue activated and attacked!) and the doors slammed shut and locked out the others behind them. They were locked in the dark with the trap!


  • The wizard, Seth, threw arcane thunder at the door, and Noorwyn hacked at it too, while Garth and Aggressive tackled the Titan. Eventually the warforged made his way back to the locked door and helped get it open to let the others in.


  • After a few more “experiments” with the titan and its sword, as well as a pair of force-breathing dragon statues, the party made its way around to the other side of the huge room where there was a large alcove with four cherubs at each corner of the alcove, and large, double doors at the back of the alcove.


  • Aggressive walked right into the midst of the cherubs and immediately a wall of force went up all around the alcove, trapping him in their midst as they then began pouring water into the trap.


  • After several rounds of tinkering and tampering, Noorwyn and Seth managed to use their arcane training and power to disable the force box. But not before it filled with water, which became a deadly whirlpool that almost killed the brave (foolish?) fighter as it bashed him around and around.


  • The group paused to lick its wounds a little, then moved on further down into the dark. Beyond the next dark hallway was another large, double door that opened into a chamber of rotting stink – rotting, undead flesh and the moans and shuffles of zombies…
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