Return to Southmoor...via the Shadowfel

Session 15 ~ Skeleton Ambush & Sir Keagan’s Tomb

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    • Garth leaped back over the water and the party made a quick exit, avoiding the Blue Slime, and gaining a bag of holding full of treasure.
    • They continued to explore through to the back of the caverns and found the kruthic nest. But, using Seth’s familiar, they saw it was a dead end, so they turned back from there too.
    • They returned to the area of undead and were ambushed by a troop of skeletons that popped out of their sarcophagi…repeatedly…
    • The heros put an end to it by praying at the altar of Bahamut.
    • They found Sir Keagan’s Tomb
    • The old, undead knight riddled them with questions to ascertain their intentions and worth.
    • They answered well and appeased the knight, gaining his sword as a gift.
    • Then the party headed to where they knew the dungeon went deeper…




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