Return to Southmoor...via the Shadowfel

Session 11 ~ Excavation Site and Zombie Maze

At the bottom of the dark stairway and secret passage leading out from Balgron The Fat’s private chamber the adventurer’s found another secret door. On the other side, Mana could hear goblin voices arguing about treasure – treasure they couldn’t seem to find.

They opened the door and the wily Brok decided to try a bluff. He stepped through the secret door and into the hall that led to the chamber the goblins were arguing in. From there he called to the goblins (in goblinoid) that Balgron was commanding that they come upstairs. But the goblins were not so easily deceived and they said so! 

Quick thinking Noorwyn, however, copied Brok’s accent and words as best he could, and with gnomish luck managed to save Brok’s bluff and pull it off! They believed the deceit and one of the goblins approached. 

As the goblin rounded the corner into the hall, Brok turned his back (so they wouldn’t see the scar on his face that identifies him to all goblins and their kin that he is a traitor to their kind) and motioned for him to follow as he slipped back through the secret door to the stairs. The goblin approached the door unawares and was killed before he could shout a warning.

Then, using Balgron the Fat’s head as a puppet, they actually managed to successfully lure the others closer as well! But they soon brought the fight to the remaining goblins and their drake-dogs, down into the pit in the floor where the goblins were digging, trying to excavate treasure that wasn’t there.

Meanwhile, back up the staircase, there was a bit of a tussle between Noorwyn and Splug. Splug screamed bloody murder and managed to disarm Noorwyn and take his sword! He cut himself free from the murderous gnome and then Brok reappeared, having returned from the fight in the hall (leaving Agresiv to fend for himself alone) to come to the aid of his fellow goblinoid.

Noorwyn did not disguise his intent on Splug but Brok would hear nothing of it and he set Splug free! The goblin immediately bounded up the stairs, past the passive Mana and away.

Back in the goblins’ excavation site, Agresiv easily jumped from floor section to floor section, avoiding the pit below (at the beginning), and also cleverly avoiding the planks that bridged the spans between them. Noorwyn’s jump wasn’t quite up to the mark, however, and he fell in, soon to be preyed upon by the drakes, their two remaining goblin masters, and did that mud puddle just move of its own accord…?

Brok came running in and made a giant leap into the pit to take on the goblins and their dogs. Agresiv joined them in the pit, however, he was promptly attacked by the mud elemental, which all but swallowed the warforged whole. While scary for a moment, the creatures of the dungeon were quickly out-matched and our adventurer’s moved on after finding almost nothing of value on the wretched monsters.

After a short rest, the group decided to explore down the darkened stairs where no light shone. They cracked a sun rod and cautiously descended. They found odd arcane glyphs on the floor, but none could make heads nor tails of them. Wishing to avoid a trap, but uncertain how to cross the passages marked with the glyphs, Brok went back upstairs and brought back one of the dead goblin bodies and threw it from a distance onto the centre of an area in the passage with rune-marked flagstones.

Nothing happened.

Then they spotted decaying bodies standing in a room to the side, motionless. Again, Brok thought it would be best to throw the goblin body into the midst of this room to avoid activating a trap. He went back and picked up the goblin off the glyph-marked flagstones where he had first thrown it. “Noooo!” cried Noorwyn and Agresiv in unison. Too late. A blood-curdling ghostly cry issued from the magical glyph and sent terror into the hearts of everyone in the party and they ran – straight into the room full of a half dozen zombies! Not only that, they could hear more coming from the north…

Shortly, our heroes were surrounded, although they seemed to be holding things together fairly well. Until, that is, Brok made a charge at the second group of undead walkers and crossed another magical glyph. The terrifying scream that ensued sent him turning on his heel back towards the first group. Agresiv was so scared he tried to run past the zombies, but luckily he didn’t make it into the chamber beyond because who knows what he may have awoken…

Eventually, the fear faded and the adventurers regrouped to defeat the foul rotters. They managed to get by the remaining glyphs that barred their way and found a secret door in a room at the far end of the small zombie maze. Although the spotted the door, and they even saw the door’s mechanism on the ceiling, they couldn’t get it open. Finally, after assisting each other in every possible way and spending the better part of an hour on it, they managed to open it!

Beyond the secret door was a small empty room. Agresiv poked around and soon found his head went right through the end wall!




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