Return to Southmoor...via the Shadowfel

Session 12 ~ Brok not mourned

Surprise, Agresiv! He moved through the wall as though it were not present.  Utter darkness greeted his eyes on the other side, so he threw in the torch he had grabbed from the wall in the previous area. He found himself in a larger chamber than they at first thought. Four rotting corpses stood in the area, their dead eyes fixed upon him. Four more zombies were guarding this room. But why? 

The area beyond the false wall appeared to be an armoury. It contained two weapon racks, on the north and south walls, and a stand against the east wall with a ragged suit of armor mounted on it. Mounted on the north wall above the weapon rack was a steel plaque inscribed with a helm from a suit of plate armor.

The evil zombies immediately attacked. It was close-quarters fighting in the small room and its entrance, especially since Noorwyn was too curious about the inscription to stand back and use his ranged powers.  Things seemed to be going well until the one of the walls outside in the larger chamber was suddenly broken through right where Mana was standing, and out from the sealed crypt stepped three hungry wights!

Brok and Mana took held off the wights, while Agresiv and Noorwyn finished the zombies. Now things were considerably tougher for our heroes and the wights were slowly draining the life out them, especially Brok and Agresiv. In fact, when the fight was finally over the party decided they needed to take a big rest, so they holed-up in the secret room

Before taking rest, however, the gnome was intent on studying the inscription on the plaque behind the illusory wall. Upon closer inspection, the plaque became magically animated and spoke:


“A wondrous treasure,

Valued by all, sought by many.

Found in both victory and defeat,

Yet never at the bottom of a treasure chest.

It marches before you like a herald,

And lives long after you are gone.

Of what do I speak?”


Noorwyn, Agresiv and Brok all knew the answer at once. “Repurtation!” they correctly cried in unison, and the armor on the stand suddenly gleamed with light and transformed from junk into beautiful, shiny, magical scale armor, which Agresiv felt he would be able to make excellent use of.

Content with their victory and their spoils, the adventurers sealed themselves into the secret room to lick their wounds and regain lost vigour.

Just as they were beginning to feel rejuvenated and well enough to move on, Agresiv heard noises outside the door. Thinking he would catch whoever it was by surprise, he opened the door first to greet them before waking the others.

It was a huge gang of hobgoblin patrollers guided by Splug – they had been betrayed!

A gruesome battle ensued. The party became furious with Brok, especially Noorwyn who had tried to kill Splug more than once, only to be stopped by Brok. The hobgoblins were organized and brutal. Brok himself was knocked unconscious twice, only to be revived by his comrades. But our favourite (or not?) bugbear rose back to the battle. Finally he closed on Splug, who had been gleefully slinging insults up to now, but the little goblin didn’t last long under Brok’s mighty blade.

Soon after the goblin’s deserved demise, Brok also finally succumbed to his wounds – this time not to rise again. So distressed by this betrayal and deadly ambush was the party that Brok was not mourned. In fact, Noorwyn especially showed no remorse whatsoever.

Thus was the bloody end of Brok the outcast bugbear.





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